COTI unveils V2 Whitepaper for enhanced Ethereum confidentiality


  • COTI Network launches V2 Whitepaper for Ethereum, boosting confidentiality.
  • The V2 whitepaper unveils innovative features including Garbling Protocol and gcEVM for secure transactions.
  • COTI token has dropped 7% in spite of this key development.

COTI Network, a leading Layer-2 scaling protocol on Ethereum, has launched its highly anticipated V2 Whitepaper, aiming to revolutionize confidentiality within the Web3 ecosystem.

The move underscores COTI’s commitment to addressing privacy concerns and driving innovation in blockchain technology.

Enhancing confidentiality on Ethereum

The unveiled V2 Whitepaper signals a significant step forward in enhancing confidentiality on the Ethereum blockchain. It introduces groundbreaking features designed to optimize performance while safeguarding user privacy.

One key innovation highlighted in the whitepaper is the implementation of a Garbling Protocol, which offers remarkable improvements in computation speed, storage efficiency, and latency compared to existing solutions. This protocol is poised to revolutionize blockchain encryption, offering up to 1000x faster computation and 250x smaller storage requirements.

Moreover, COTI is introducing gcEVM, an innovative extension of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) developed by Soda Labs. This extension reinforces blockchain transactions with confidentiality, ensuring secure computations on encrypted data. By integrating gcEVM, COTI aims to uphold data privacy while maintaining efficient functionality within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Addressing privacy challenges in Web3

COTI’s focus on confidentiality comes at a crucial juncture for Web3, where data sharing and user empowerment are central themes. As the Web3.0 ecosystem evolves, navigating the balance between individual privacy and blockchain transparency becomes increasingly complex.

The launch of the V2 Whitepaper underscores COTI’s commitment to addressing these challenges head-on. By prioritizing confidentiality as a core human right, COTI aims to equip the Web3 ecosystem with the tools necessary to safeguard user privacy while promoting innovation and adoption.

COTI token price reaction

Despite the groundbreaking advancements outlined in the V2 Whitepaper, the COTI token has experienced a 7% decline in value amidst broader market fluctuations, currently trading at $0.1643.

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