Founder & COO Chirag Jetani on Diamante’s Vision for High-Speed, Secure Blockchain Solutions


In a recent in-depth interview with BeInCrypto, Chirag Jetani, the Founder & COO of Diamante Blockchain, shared his ambitious vision for advancing blockchain technology across multiple sectors. With a rich background in Web3, Jetani discussed the unique capabilities and strategic positioning of Diamante Blockchain, worldwide.

The conversation explored a variety of topics, including the challenges of scalability and speed in blockchain technology and Diamante’s approach to creating a sustainable and efficient ecosystem.

Jetani highlighted how Diamante Net, described as a “layer-1, state-of-the-art hybrid blockchain platform,” is aiming to redefine financial transactions with seamless interoperability.

The Core Capabilities of the Diamante Network

At its core, Diamante Network stands distinguished by its layer-1, hybrid blockchain infrastructure, crafted to address some of the most pressing issues faced by traditional blockchains: scalability, speed, and environmental impact. 

By implementing a Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA), Diamante enhances transaction processing speeds without compromising on security, a critical feature for modern enterprises and financial institutions.

This strategic choice in consensus mechanisms allows Diamante to outpace conventional blockchains significantly. 

“Our latest deployment reduced energy consumption by 40% through optimized consensus algorithms,” Jetani highlights.

Furthermore, Diamante’s architecture supports a wide range of applications, from financial services to supply chain management, making it a versatile platform for various industries seeking blockchain solutions. Its strong design ensures that as the network scales, it remains efficient and secure, paving the way for a new standard in blockchain technology.

The Role and Impact of DIAM Coin

Central to the Diamante ecosystem is the DIAM Coin, a utility token designed to streamline the operations within the Diamante network and enhance user engagement. DIAM Coin serves multiple functions, from facilitating transactions with reduced fees to granting access to exclusive features within the Diamante suite of applications. 

“DIAM Coin streamlines transactions, facilitating access to premium ecosystem features and driving user engagement,” Jetani explains.

DIAM Coin is particularly pivotal in operating Diamante’s flagship applications, such as PayCircle, CreditCircle, MudraCircle, and MetaCircle. For instance, in PayCircle, DIAM is used to handle transaction fees and reward mechnaisim, which broadens its utility and acceptance from across the globe.

Moreover, the economic model of DIAM Coin is strategically designed to be deflationary, where a portion of the coins used in transactions is burned, thus reducing the total supply and increasing scarcity. This mechanism supports the coin’s long-term value proposition, aligning with the ecosystem’s growth and sustainability goals. 

“The strategic integration of DIAM across these platforms significantly propels its utility and engagement,” states Jetani.

Key dApps and Their Contributions to the Ecosystem

Diamante Network’s strong ecosystem is powered by a suite of decentralized applications (dApps) that leverage the core capabilities of the blockchain as well as AI to deliver unique solutions across various sectors. 

At the forefront of these innovations are PayCircle, DiamCircle, MudraCircle, and MetaCircle, each designed to integrate seamlessly with the DIAM Coin, enhancing the blockchain’s utility and user experience.

PayCircle: Streamlining Financial Transactions Across Currencies, Fiat & Crypto

PayCircle serves as a comprehensive financial application and a super app that facilitates blockchain-based transactions, supporting fiat transactions and multi-currency digital assets trading. The app offers AI-curated and customized rewards and cashbacks based on individuals’ and businesses’ transactions.

This dApp uses DIAM Coin to efficiently handle transaction fees, with a portion of the coin being burned to enhance network stability and ensure a sustainable supply. Chirag Jetani articulates the broader vision for PayCircle:

“We are evolving our platform with our native digital asset, DIAM, broadening its utility as a strong payment method accepted by an expanding network of merchants.”

MudraCircle: Enhancing CBDC Solutions with DIAM Coin

MudraCircle focuses on central bank digital currency (CBDC) solutions, where DIAM Coin plays a crucial role in fee processing, network access, and governance participation. 

This dApp enhances liquidity and interoperability between various digital currencies, enriching the financial ecosystem and providing users with reduced transaction fees and access to exclusive features.

MetaCircle: Facilitating Transactions in the Virtual World

MetaCircle, set in a virtual environment, uses DIAM Coin as the primary currency for purchasing digital assets, such as virtual real estate and exclusive metaverse experiences. Its integration into MetaCircle’s virtual banking features simplifies asset management and financial transactions, making virtual financial services seamless and user-friendly. 

Jetani notes, “MetaCircle uses DIAM Coin to create a comprehensive virtual economy, where users can engage in transactions as easily as they would in the real world.”

These dApps are pivotal in driving growth and engagement within the Diamante Ecosystem, offering increased utility and incentivization through DIAM Coin and fostering a network effect that attracts more users and stakeholders, thereby accelerating ecosystem growth.

Comparative Advantage Over Competitors

Diamante Network stands out from other blockchain platforms because it seamlessly combines speed, security, and environmental friendliness. 

Federated Byzantine Agreements (FBAs) are used for consensus, which guarantees fast transaction speeds and high security without the energy inefficiencies of traditional Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) systems. By using FBAs, this is achieved.

Diamante also offers predictive and analytical capabilities that automate complicated processes through the integration of blockchain technology with artificial intelligence (AI). This integration reduces the need for manual intervention and enhances the platforms. It also offers:

  • Better efficiency
  • Lower costs
  • Faster decision-making

In addition, Diamante allows for smooth communication with other blockchain networks, which greatly increases the reach and utility of its platforms.

Diamante also stands out in an industry that is frequently criticized for its environmental impact thanks to its commitment to sustainability, which is another key component of its strategy. 

“Our latest initiatives include participating in carbon credit markets and exploring renewable energy sources for our data centers, aiming to achieve a net-zero carbon footprint by 2025,” According to Diamante’s Co-founder & COO, Chirag Jetani.

This showcases Diamante’s commitment about being an environmentally responsible business.

Diamante’s Global Strategy and Future Outlook

As Diamante Network sets its sights on global expansion, the eyes are on markets such as the UAE, USA, and India, focusing on sectors ripe for digital transformation through blockchain & AI technologies. 

“We are poised for aggressive expansion into new markets, focusing on sectors such as digital finance, smart contracts, dApps, gaming, CBDC and more,” Jetani states.

A key component of Diamante’s strategy involves understanding and adapting to these regions’ unique cultural, economic, and regulatory landscapes. This involves conducting extensive market research, forging strategic partnerships with local entities, and engaging directly with regulatory bodies to ensure compliance and foster trust. 

The Dynamic Community and Strong Partnerships

Diamante has been actively involved in various collaborations, forging partnerships with various Web3 projects and crypto events across the globe. With these collaborations, the company is paving the way for a seamless integration of technologies. 

Diamante’s dynamic community of over one million showcases its strong commitment towards building a robust technology ecosystem, driving the evolution of blockchain, AI and Web3.

Through these efforts, Diamante aims to tailor its technology to meet local demands, thereby facilitating smoother entry and stronger adoption.

Looking ahead, Diamante is not only expanding geographically but also focusing on the integration of latest technologies, such as AI, IoT, and Metaverse, with its blockchain solutions. The future roadmap includes launching blockchain-based platforms for industries like pharmaceuticals to combat counterfeiting and enhance transparency. 

“Our future plans are centered around harnessing blockchain and AI to address pressing global challenges in sectors including healthcare, finance, and supply chain management,” Jetani remarks.

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