UK and South Korea to co-host AI Seoul Summit


The UK and South Korea are set to co-host the AI Seoul Summit on the 21st and 22nd of May. This summit aims to pave the way for the safe development of AI technologies, drawing on the cooperative framework laid down by the Bletchley Declaration.

The two-day event will feature a virtual leaders’ session, co-chaired by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol, and a subsequent in-person meeting among Digital Ministers. UK Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan, and Korean Minister of Science and ICT Lee Jong-Ho will co-host the latter.

This summit builds upon the historic Bletchley Park discussions held at the historic location in the UK last year, emphasising AI safety, inclusion, and innovation. It aims to ensure that AI advancements benefit humanity while minimising potential risks and enhancing global governance on tech innovation.

“The summit we held at Bletchley Park was a generational moment,” stated Donelan. “If we continue to bring international governments and a broad range of voices together, I have every confidence that we can continue to develop a global approach which will allow us to realise the transformative potential of this generation-defining technology safely and responsibly.”

Echoing this sentiment, Minister Lee Jong-Ho highlighted the importance of the upcoming Seoul Summit in furthering global cooperation on AI safety and innovation.

“AI is advancing at an unprecedented pace that exceeds our expectations, and it is crucial to establish global norms and governance to harness such technological innovations to enhance the welfare of humanity,” explained Lee. “We hope that the AI Seoul Summit will serve as an opportunity to strengthen global cooperation on not only AI safety but also AI innovation and inclusion, and promote sustainable AI development.”

Innovation remains a focal point for the UK, evidenced by initiatives like the Manchester Prize and the formation of the AI Safety Institute: the first state-backed organisation dedicated to AI safety. This proactive approach mirrors the UK’s commitment to international collaboration on AI governance, underscored by a recent agreement with the US on AI safety measures.

Accompanying the Seoul Summit will be the release of the International Scientific Report on Advanced AI Safety. This report, independently led by Turing Prize winner Yoshua Bengio, represents a collective effort to consolidate the best scientific research on AI safety. It underscores the summit’s role not only as a forum for discussion but as a catalyst for actionable insight into AI’s safe development.

The agenda of the AI Seoul Summit reflects the urgency of addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by AI. From discussing model safety evaluations, to fostering sustainable AI development. As the world embraces AI innovation, the AI Seoul Summit embodies a concerted effort to shape a future where technology serves humanity safely and delivers prosperity and inclusivity for all.

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